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  • Jun012017

    June Birthstone

    June is one of only three months that has three birthstones associated with it, giving the lucky people born in…

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  • May202017

    May Birthstone

    May birthdays fall right in the heart of spring, and the emerald is the perfect gem to symbolize and celebrate…

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  • May192017

    Birthstones by Month

    What is a more personal touch to add to your unique, custom creation from Half-Past Eight Studios than your own…

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  • Feb242017

    Pecan: Locally Sourced from the Heart of Texas

    Half-Past Eight Studios is located in Denton; the Heart of Texas. Did you know the State Tree of Texas is…

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  • Feb022016

    What is a Bentwood Ring?

    A bentwood ring is just what it sounds like; a ring made of bent wood. A thing of beauty. A…

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  • Aug042015

    Operation Exploration

    Phew! That one took a while! LAST summer, I was approached by Explorium Denton* and asked if I could build…

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  • Sep302014

    Candy Cart

    Sometimes you just feel the need to make something just because you want to. And that’s OK. There used to…

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  • Sep242014

    Fall, er… Autumn Is Here!

    Fall. Autumn. Whatever you want to call this time of year, it’s still my favorite! The weather turns cooler, the…

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  • Aug152014

    Photography and Painting and Building, Oh My!

    I don’t know of any “creative types” out there that limit their creativity to one media or craft. That’s why…

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  • Aug112014

    Shields up, Scottie!

    I love when my boys come to me, asking if we can make something in the shop. I love it…

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