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  • Aug062014

    Is That a Coin in Your Pocket?

    I like the occasional small project. The kind that you can whip out pretty quickly and doesn’t take too much…

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  • Aug042014

    Don’t Open Your Bibles, Please

    I will likely never be asked (or volunteer) to give a sermon at church. But if I did, I think…

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  • Jul292014

    All Fired Up!

    Remember those pieces I poured from my backyard slip? I couldn’t just leave it as un-fired bisque, right? I could…

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  • Jul222014

    Baby Momma

    I arrived home from work the other night and showing me a Pinterest picture, Dawn asked me to take a…

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  • Jul102014

    Caution: Slip Hazard

    So, I’m in the middle of refining my backyard clay. Which is to say, I have it sitting in buckets…

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  • Jul052014

    Playing in the Mud

    I love making things. Had you guessed that yet? Especially when I make things from scratch. Especially especially when I…

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  • Jul022014

    Fall Colors

    In a previous post, I mentioned working for a fence company. I also made brief mention of being responsible for…

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  • Jun302014

    How do you say fondant anyway?

    A while back, I was watching a LOT of Cake Boss on Netflix. And each episode had me saying to…

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  • Jun282014

    Shooting at the Ranch

    Several years ago, I worked as the IT/Marketing/Web guy for a fencing company in Aubrey, TX called 440 Fence, Inc.…

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  • Jun272014

    Just take the time

    One of these days, I’ll learn to just keep my camera with me at all times. Granted, with the proliferation…

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