Baby Momma

Baby Momma
July 22, 2014 Jchon
In Photography

I arrived home from work the other night and showing me a Pinterest picture, Dawn asked me to take a picture of her belly for a gift for the baby’s mom.

The Pinterest picture was a black and white photo of a ribbon-wrapped pregnant belly against a black background and a bible verse super-imposed.

I wasn’t a fan of the harsh solid black background, but that didn’t really matter since I wasn’t planning on creating a backdrop for this one picture.

I grabbed the ol’ Cannon and a single spot light and set up, using our bedroom wall as the background.

A couple test-shots and a little Photoshop touch-up later and what we ended up with was pretty darn cute!

And the frame Dawn picked out was perfect!

I like our version better than the inspiration! Clearly another example of Dawn and I being the perfect team!

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