• Aug042015

    Operation Exploration

    Phew! That one took a while! LAST summer, I was approached by Explorium Denton* and asked if I could build…

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  • Sep302014

    Candy Cart

    Sometimes you just feel the need to make something just because you want to. And that’s OK. There used to…

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  • Aug112014

    Shields up, Scottie!

    I love when my boys come to me, asking if we can make something in the shop. I love it…

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  • Aug062014

    Is That a Coin in Your Pocket?

    I like the occasional small project. The kind that you can whip out pretty quickly and doesn’t take too much…

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  • Feb262014

    Spray and Dust and Stuff, Oh My!

    I know I’m not alone in my fear of finish. No, I don’t mean fear of completing, but of messing…

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  • Feb202014

    Pinewood Derby Time!

    Ah yes… it’s that time again. And by again, I mean, the first time since I’ve had a family of…

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  • Jan262014

    Weekend Project

    Well, unfortunately not every weekend project can be a woodworking project. But that’s ok! It always feels great to accomplish…

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  • Jan232014

    Coffee Sleeve Dispenser

    As I’ve mentioned, my wife and I used to run a small coffee shop in our church. Since the inception…

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  • Jan212014

    iPad POS Stand

    My wife and I used to run a coffee shop that we started from the ground up. See what I…

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