Our Story

We are a family and community dedicated to life-long education and skill-building. We are inspired by the potential of processing raw materials commonly regarded as waste into things of beauty and utility.


Well, that’s my bedtime.
OK, not really. Half-Past Eight is a tongue-in-cheek reference to my eight and a half remaining fingers after a woodworking accident I had on October 25, 2011.
I mean really – that’s funny, right?
The name. Not the fingers. Losing fingers isn’t very funny at all. Don’t do it. The extra attention really isn’t worth it.


An IT professional by trade and woodworker (and potter and baker and photographer and . . . ) by choice, I enjoy the process of learning, experimenting and creating one-of-a-kind items in my shop (or kitchen or wherever).
I like seeing something – whether a woodworking project, a pastry or process – and saying, “hmmm – I bet I can do that!”, even if I’ve never done it before.
From a pencil sketch or picture I see on the internet to a finished product, the joy comes from knowing I learned something new, helped our boys experience something unique in today’s digital world and hopefully that my work will be used and abused by someone in their daily life.


To provide unique and inspiring works people will treasure and keep for generations to come.
Whether you’re looking for a unique bentwood ring, a classic turned wood pen or any number of custom gifts, Half-Past Eight Studios can create the perfect gift for your occasion.

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