Don’t Open Your Bibles, Please

Don’t Open Your Bibles, Please
August 4, 2014 Jchon
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I will likely never be asked (or volunteer) to give a sermon at church.

But if I did, I think I would not do what is one of the most common directives from the pastor:

“If you will please open your bibles…”

Not that I don’t want people reading their bibles, but because I don’t want them reading their bibles while I’m speaking/teaching.

Maybe I’m not the norm, but when I open my bible and go to the verse(s) covering the topic of the day, I can’t stop reading. I want to keep on reading. I want to go back and read what prefaced the verse(s) we’re covering. I want to continue the story.

Which is to say, I’m not listening to the sermon. I’m sure what the pastor is saying is captivating and worthy, but ask me to follow along the verses and I will at he very least finish the chapter.

I mean really – are you going to pick up your favorite mystery book and read just a few sentences? Well, then this post isn’t for you!

What do you think?

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