What is a Bentwood Ring?

What is a Bentwood Ring?
February 2, 2016 Jchon
In Bentwood Rings
Bentwood Ring - Black Walnut with Copper Band and Braid Inlay

A bentwood ring is just what it sounds like; a ring made of bent wood. A thing of beauty. A durable piece of wearable art.

So? Why do you care whether your wood ring is made of bent wood or a solid piece of wood?

I’m glad you asked! A bentwood ring is a wood ring created by bending thin wood veneers in the direction of the face grain. This creates an exceptionally beautiful and extremely durable wood ring that will not break like traditional wood rings and can be passed down for generations as an heirloom.

My specific process involves the ancient art of steam bending wood to any size specified, CA glue to impregnate into the woods grain bonding the veneers as one before beginning the long process of hand trimming, shaping, sanding, finishing and polishing. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind unique and very durable bentwood ring.

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