Pinewood Derby Time!

Pinewood Derby Time!
February 20, 2014 Jchon
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Ah yes… it’s that time again.

And by again, I mean, the first time since I’ve had a family of my own!

This is the first year my boys have been in Boy Scouts, so it’s the first year they get to experience every boys’ right of passage – the Pinewood Derby!

Luckily, my boys will get the benefit of my last experience in “helping” with a Pinewood Derby car.  Many years ago, I was asked by my nephew (who was probably 10 or 11 at the time) to help him with his car.  I was happy to help and discussed with him what he wanted his car to look like.  All I really got out of him was that he wanted a shark car.

A shark car? OK.

So how does this benefit MY boys? Well, my boys will get to actually make their cars.  Between my nephew not wanting to do much more than sand and his uncle not knowing any better, I pretty much went a little overboard and took over.  Sure, he had a cool car out of it. But he missed out on the pride of accomplishment when that car won Best Design.

My boys got their first experience and (one of many) lessons in workshop safety as they got to get hands-on with the band saw and belt & disk sander.  They loved working with ol’ dad and as you can tell by the smile on their faces, they are proud of the results of their work (well, that and being told to say “fish farts” for the camera)!

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