iPad POS Stand

iPad POS Stand
January 21, 2014 Jchon
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iPad Register Stand

My wife and I used to run a coffee shop that we started from the ground up.

See what I did there? ground(s)?

This was the second coffee shop project – this one I had planned since before we opened!

I knew I wanted to build a stand for the iPad we use in our coffee shop as our POS (Point of Sale) Square register. I spent months trolling the web for pictures of stands others have made and for the longest time didn’t find much at all.

I eventually came across a version made by the guys over at TinkeringMonkey.com and knew I found what I was looking for. I wasn’t crazy about all aspects of their design, so of course I made my own little changes.

Materials used is mostly just oak-veneered plywood I had left over from other projects. So a little time, a little edge banding and a lot of excitement later, it’s in use and getting great reviews from our customers! Finish is natural with some wipe-on polyurethane to match the rest of the coffee counter.

One of our regulars actually did a little write-up about it in his Tech & Design blog, http://solidsmack.com/design/the-diy-wood-ipad-stand-that-screams-styleprevents-tablet-jabbing-violence/

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